CU-200 Series
Incision Machine (Optical Lens Processing)
Model Axle Number                  Processing Mode  Control Method  Max. Stroke of X-axis  Feed Speed of X-axis Max. Stroke of Y-axis   Max. Stroke of Z-axis   Feed speed of Z-axis     Outside Diameter of Z-axis Blade           Thickness of Z-axis Cutting Piece Rotational Speed of Z-axis Blade Internal Diameter of Cutting Blades
CU-200A Single Axle Single-cut / Multiple-cut  Basic Electronics & Human–Computer Interaction        500 mm 1.00~3000.00 mm/min 200 mm(Manual feeding) 100 mm 0~1000.00 mm/min 100~180 mm Max.30 mm 500~5000 R.P.M.  (Stepless speed) 40 mm
CU-200B 200 mm(Auto feeding)